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Tutoring K-12

We Can Help

To us, tutoring is less about rote memorization and more about imparting a deeper understanding of the subject matter that we feel each student should receive through a positive structured learning environment.

True Learning

Our tutors aren’t just academic super-stars in their field, or even just educators. Instead, we specifically find individuals who can serve as mentors to our client’s children. After all, earning grade is one thing, but active learning requires an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Only The Best

Parents can be assured that our tutors are selected only from the best possible candidates. That means we only accept introductions to tutors through college and university referral. We do not advertise on public job posting boards.

Our selection process is equally-rigorous. We accept less than ten percent of the possible applicant pool because we know that our families deserve the best of the best when it comes to the education of their child.