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An Important Time In Your Child’s Life

Junior year is cited by the National Association of College Admissions Counselors as the most important academic year in regards to college admissions decisions. Considering that students apply during their senior year of high school, junior year is the final snapshot that university admissions officers will receive before making their primary decisions.

Our Junior Year College Planning Program includes:

  • Current Academic Portfolio Review
  • Course Planning for Senior Year
  • Extracurricular Activities Review and Suggestion
  • Financial Aid Workshop for Parents
  • Strategic SAT/ACT Preparation
  • School List Research and Generation for 8-12 Universities

Start With A Plan

In anticipation of this, we encourage students to finish their college planning during the spring of their junior year rather than trying to get everything done during application season.  Our goal is to make sure that students are fully prepared for their college applications.

But we also want to ensure that they’re free and clear of looming obligations during the most rigorous academic year they’ve faced yet.